Lean Maintenance (english Version)

Buch Lean Maintenance System Zero Maintenance Time - Full Added Value Zero maintenance time-this goal becomes more of a reality when you align the processes and organization of your maintenance in such a way that the value stream is not disrupted and the useful productive time of machines and systems is used more and optimally instead of being affected by maintenance work. To achieve this the Lean Maintenance System provides effective methods and approaches. In other words, zero maintenance time does not mean stopping maintenance altogether. The Lean Maintenance System Workbook for production companies shows you how to organize lean maintenance, plan capacities practically, and achieve high system availability using the principles and tools of Lean Management. Readers can follow the procedures and learn how to use the tools step by step and understand them with the help of the many tables and diagrams along with a comprehensive practical example. Autoren: Bodo Wiegand, Ralf Langmaack and Thomas Baumgarten Appendix Chapter "Toyota's Maintenance Practices" by Art Smalley Englische Ausgabe/English version Spiralbindung - 160 Seiten
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