Lean Office Management 2 (english version)

Buch Lean Office Management 2 How to manage office and service processes Creating efficient workflows in the office and making best use of existing resources is the essence of efficient work in a company or an organization. This applies equally to direct services for external customers and purely internal services:With Lean Administration you can manage business processes efficiently. The methods are based on the approaches of Lean Management and can be used for business and service processes in all industries. After all, every company prepares quotes and creates and processes orders, invoices, etc. Use the principles and tools of Lean Management to optimize processes in indirect and administrative areas – the “Lean Administration II”workbook will show you how. The 10-point plan for process design is complemented by adapting the structural and organizational framework in the organization. Readers can follow and understand the path leading to the optimized target process step by step on the basis of a case study described throughout the book. Autoren: Bodo Wiegand Englische Ausgabe / English version Spiralbindung - 126 Seiten
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